In our day to day life we have to do lots of stuff and chores. Some are important while others have less importance. Ever wonder what if someone else did these tasks for you so that at the very moment you can focus your energy on some other urgent work? Wouldn’t it be easy if you could easily delegate your day to day work to someone whom you can trust? Easyjugaad is a revolutionary way to outsource day to day tasks like getting your groceries, walking your dogs, posting courier for you, completing assignments, data entry work, or even get services like teaching lessons, car driving lessons, cooking lessonsetc without having to call many people just to know that they either don’t match your budget or they don’t live in your nearby area. Easyjugaad takes the pain out from your tasks.

How it Works: Easyjugaad is really very simple.

Step 1: Describe your Task/ things to do Tell us what you need to get done, time, budget, area, category etc. Step 2: Enjoy a nice cup of Tea or Coffee as offers comes in Step 3: Review Offer and Profiles Go through the offers and check the profiles and the ratings of the bidders Step 4: Award the Task Select the most relevant person who matches the skills required and your budget and get your tasks done. pay only when the work is done and completed. easy